Martin Korver

Martin Korver

Meet Martin Korver

Martin Korver is the founder of Greenmouse Africe and an original conceptualist of many startups in Southern Africa. Greenmouse Africa was established in October 2020 during COVID lockdown with the idea of bringing sustainable and recyclable “must have phone accessories” into Africa.

Martin Korver and his business have been approached by various commercial businesses and have seen the need to “Go Green” in Southern Africa for the phone accessories market and have therefore decided to become the most available and sustainable phone accessories brand in the southern hemisphere and in the world. After extended market research, there was a clear niche from a value perspective that there was a big opportunity for the “Buy smart, buy green” concept, as minimal packaging is used, and 80% recycled plastic is used for our products.

Korver’s mission is to provide green alternatives in Africa and share his wealth of experiences and knowledge with others.

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People are becoming more aware that we need to be sustainable and buy things that are more environmentally friendly. It is a very important aspect of what we, as a species, are doing right now and it’s important for the sake of all of our children.

Martin Korver